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JazzRadio Berlin recently welcomed a distinguished guest to its Diplomatic Lounge show, hosted by the renowned radio and TV presenter Leslie Nachmann. On Saturday, September 16, around 10:30 AM, Brazilian Ambassador Roberto Jaguaribe took to the airwaves to discuss a wide range of topics, from international politics and football to the protection of Brazilian forests and, of course, music.

A Dual Approach to Amazon Conservation

Ambassador Jaguaribe emphasized the importance of a dual approach to conserving the Amazon rainforest. He highlighted the need for both repression of illegal activities and the development of legitimate means of income for the 50 million people living in the Amazon region. “We are striving for zero deforestation,” Jaguaribe said, noting a 48% reduction in illegal activities this year alone.

The Power of Music

The conversation naturally flowed into the realm of music, a subject close to the hearts of both Brazilians and Berliners. With JazzRadio’s JazzRio! program airing every Saturday from 12 to 18 PM, featuring an excellent selection of Brazilian music and Latin Jazz, the partnership between the station and the Brazilian Embassy has been a fruitful one.

Jaguaribe spoke passionately about Brazil’s rich musical heritage, mentioning the influence of African, Indigenous, and European cultures. He also praised Brazilian composer Villa-Lobos, who drew inspiration from the Amazon’s indigenous sounds.

Brazil’s Growing Influence

As a member of the BRICS group of nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—Brazil is increasingly influential on the world stage. Jaguaribe stressed the need for a more equitable global governance system, one that includes diverse perspectives rather than just those of like-minded countries.

Community and Culture

The ambassador also touched on his role as the president of the group of Ambassadors of Latin America and the Caribbean. He spoke of an upcoming cultural event with the Arab diplomatic Corps, emphasizing the significant Arab immigration to Latin America. “Arab food is wonderful. Arab music is not so much heard in Brazil, and it’s going to be a good opportunity to pick up on what they have on this occasion,” he said.

A Nostalgic Farewell

To close the interview, Jaguaribe chose a song that resonated with both Brazilian and German audiences. He selected a recording by Marlene Dietrich, a song about longing for home, drawing parallels to the German song “Lili Marlene.”

In a world where diplomacy often takes place behind closed doors, Ambassador Jaguaribe’s candid conversation with Leslie Nachmann offered a refreshing glimpse into the complexities and nuances of international relations, all set to the soothing backdrop of the Ambassador’s musical selections.

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