Effective Marketing


mit Julian Allitt

What kind of advertising campaign should I have?

You are talking to people when they are doing something they enjoy – listening to JazzRadio. The best campaigns respect that – they give listeners useful, interesting information in a way which fits the style and programming content of the radio station.
You don’t need gimmicks and listeners don’t like advertising that seeks to get their attention by shouting at them. My advice is to tell listeners:
  • Who you are
  • What goods or service you sell
  • Where to find you, and
  • What is special or unique about you
We recommend you include a website address but probably not a telephone number – but that’s your decision.
You may choose to enhance your Spot with a sung jingle, such as those of Dekofactory and Anzak Autovermietung, both sung for JazzRadio by New Yorker Desney Bailey.
We will help you with your script. We like to use our own Moderatoren/innen to voice spots on JazzRadio because, together with a nice jazz music bed, it makes your Spot blend in with the overall style of JazzRadio.

The “most Music” station

JazzRadio plays more music – and less speech – as a proportion of its output than any other Berlin radio station. We know speech has an important role but we like to choose our words carefully. We do not promote “personality” programmes or have a “morning crew” talking to each other. We prefer to play great jazz.

How many listeners does JazzRadio have?

According to the latest independent industry research, the Medianalyse,
published on 6. March 2013, JazzRadio has:
  • 250.000 WHK
  • 99.000 Täglich 6-18 Uhr
  • 14.000* per average hour, 6-18 Uhr Mo-Fr
*Germany is unique among developed western radio markets in using “listeners per hour” as the main measure of listenership. It is, of course, the smallest number one could choose. Many people in radio believe the system was set up deliberately by newspaper owners, who had a prescriptive right to invest in early commercial radio, and did not want it to be seen as competition for their newspapers. You certainly never see newspapers reporting how many readers they have per hour!
We also have 30.000 visitors per month to our website, www.jazzradio.net

Of all the major Media, RADIO is the most trusted

This emerged from some fascinating research into people’s perception of media, carried out by the UK Radio Advertising Bureau. Members of the public were asked to visualize Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards and Radio as people.

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Reach all age groups

Most radio stations will identify a “Zielgruppe” defined by age, perhaps 18-29 years or 30-49 years. We take a different view. JazzRadio’s Zielgruppe is everyone who listens! Here they are, broken down by age. Incidentally, that makes us one of only two stations in Berlin that includes anyone over 60 years in our Zielgruppe.

What kind of people listen to JazzRadio?

JazzRadio listeners have high average household income*, the highest standard of education and include a high proportion of Entscheidungsträger.
*Surveys for 10 years routinely showed that JazzRadio had the highest proportion of listeners in the highest average household income category (3.000 Euro und mehr). Two years ago, the research was altered to define the highest household income category as only 2.500 Euro  und mehr). This places JazzRadio in the top six. We have our suspicions about why the category limit was changed!

Is JazzRadio just about jazz?

No, it isn’t. Our listeners have many other interests and we seek to reflect those in our programming and advertising. We broadcast thousands of tips each year on a wide range of cultural events, such as art exhibitions, literary readings and theatre plays. We cover the Berlinale each year. We include small blocks of speech from experts to help listeners with their tax and good health.
Our listeners have relatively high disposable income and they spend it on travel, automobiles, high-end electronic goods, fashion.
If you have goods or services for sale which will interest our listeners, then radio is an appropriate marketing medium for your business.

Radio vs. Newspapers

As a former newspaper journalist, I have great respect for the written word. I would never advise a client not to use print advertising. But I might suggest he or she reduce the amount spent on print advertising in order to put some money into radio to achieve an effective multi-media campaign.Newspapers have experienced a huge loss of readership in recent years, whereas radio has kept its audience. Fewer and fewer young people read newspapers but more than 90% of the population regularly tunes into radio, including young people.

“Radio is Expensive”

It actually isn’t. You can advertise on JazzRadio for a year for about the same as it costs to buy a half-page advertisement in a regional newspaper on one day.

The majority of JazzRadio advertisers book campaigns for at least a year and our special offers are designed to encourage our clients to think long-term.

“Radio doesn’t work”

We occasionally hear that from potential clients. But, if that were the case, you
have to ask yourself why major corporations invest billions of Dollars in radio advertising every year worldwide. They know it works.
It is true that a minority of advertisers have had negative experiences with other radio stations. One station in the Berlin market used a call centre in another city to sell advertising. We heard of examples where customers were sold one Spot per week – and at a high price.
Some radio salespeople have been known sell clients expensive, inappropriate campaigns lasting just as few weeks in order to earn as much commission in the shortest possible time. Suffice to say we do not do that at JazzRadio.
You have to have the right campaign for your business and my advice is that it is usually better to think longer term.
Imagine an airliner taking off. That roar of the engines on take-off shows when it is using most fuel. It has to do so to reach cruising altitude, after which it can throttle back and use much less fuel. Radio is like that. You need that initial burst to capture listeners’ attention. If you stop and start with your marketing campaigns, you keep have to make that initial investment all over again. Once you have achieved that coveted “front of mind” awareness (“cruising altitude”) you should make sure you keep it. Competitors then have to spend a lot more to surpass you in the market.

Radio is Mobile

Radio is one of only few media that people can consume whilst doing something else. People use radio to wake up. They listen in the car, in the bathroom, whilst having breakfast, in the office.They listen whilst in the car going to the shops. If you are a retailer, could you think of a better time to reach a potential customer?