Of all the major Media, RADIO is the most trusted

This emerged from some fascinating research into people’s perception of media, carried out by the UK Radio Advertising Bureau.  Members of the public were asked to visualize Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards and Radio as people.
Then they were asked which they felt nearest to: Radio was the closest.
Two out of three people listen alone. The relationship between the listener and the radio Moderator is one-to-one. That creates a strong bond.
When people choose which television programme to watch, it is often a family or a group decision, with inevitable compromises having to be made. That is not normally the case with radio. 
When someone tunes into JazzRadio, it is a very positive decision. There are 19 other radio stations in Berlin-Brandenburg which they could have chosen, and other calls on their time. 
Radio advertising works partly through repetition: Wiederholung, Wiederholung, Wiederholung. It is very much like Mundpropoganda! That is why we normally recommend clients to have at least three advertising Spots per day.
 People listen at different times of the day. That is also why we recommend an advertising campaign that rotates regularly to reach all parts of the day.
Our ambition is to make our advertiser’s business “front of mind” for a listener who might be visiting a restaurant, buying furniture, booking a holiday or buying a new car. Whatever category of business you are involved in, you should aim to be in the top three from that category which are “front of mind” with our listener.
Even small and medium-sized businesses should think of themselves as Brands.
A strong brand commands trust because customers feel they know you and your values – what you stand for consistently.
We recommend all our clients to have a “Brand positioning statement” or slogan. All major brands, without exception, have one. It helps to define them and make their advertising more memorable. For example:
  • Air Berlin: Your Airline
  • Lufthansa: Nonstop to You
  • Audi: Vorsprung durch Technik*
 *This statement was judged so effective that Audi also used it, spoken in German, in the United Kingdom market
Here are some examples from the US market:
  • Mercedes-Benz: Engineered like no other car in the world
  • BMW: The ultimate driving machine
  • Avis: We are only Number 2, but we try harder
  • Miller Lite: The only beer with superior taste and low calorific content
  • The Heidel House Resort: The place to reconnect with loved ones
 A positioning statement should be short and emotional in its appeal – not simply a description of what goods or services you offer.